Thursday, December 11, 2008

Water, Water Nowhere

The UN and others have been circulating the idea that water, and not fuel, will be the resource impetus for the nextmajor world war. The popularity of bottled water already shows a trend towards outlandish, inaccessible pricing for a resource that is utterly essential to life. Control over water equates to control over life and death (just ask Tank Girl), and any time some authority asserts that level of control over peoples' lives, war becomes inevitable, even if it takes time before it actually happens. Not only do we squander water on things like bottling it, washing cars, watering wasteful plants such as grass (even in the L.A. desert), and so on -- we also pollute it like crazy, to the point where our fish are loaded with Mercury. The whole "Green Revolution" that people are talking about needs to include not only alternative fuel production, but a serious retooling of our water usage policies, including subsidizing the clean-up of drinking and fishing waters with taxes and fines on industrial users of water. This isn't socialism, it is transferring costs borne by one set of businesses (fishing, farming, restaurants, etc.) and the public (their drinking water) to the cause of the costs (industrial polluters, bottlers, and anyone who profits off water at the expense of other industries because unfair policies skew in their favor).

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