Monday, November 3, 2008

Which is the bigger prank?

Palin falling for a prank caller pretending to be French PM Sarkozy, or John McCain's juvenile stunt in selecting her as a running mate in the first place? I'm wondering how exactly aides to Sarah Palin came to the conclusion that a telephone call from Canada was genuinely from the French politician, and put her on the line? Their official campaign phones don't have Caller ID? Apparently, the boss is not the only one over at Team Palin that's not quite ready for the big game. I continue to be surprised that McCain hasn't taken the out that some pundits (including conservatives) suggested should she turn into a liability: have the party leadership have Bush nominate her for a Federal judgeship and touted as a future Supreme Court candidate and find a better running mate. The point the Republicans I heard suggest this made was that it wouldn't be about her being a judge (she almost certainly wouldn't be confirmed by this Congress, and would return to her job as Alaska Governor), but about saving face and preserving her for later use (which I'm not at all enthusiastic about, to say the least) while ditching a liability. Maybe nobody in the right position over at McCain HQ (such as, say, McCain) sees her as a liability, but for me her continued presence on it is one big reason to support the Obama-Biden ticket.

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