Sunday, November 2, 2008

One Party Rule

Of the arguments against McCain's "one-party rule" election run-up gambit, I must say that the "Republicans had one from 2003-2006 so McCain is a hypocrite" argument is quite a strong one. This is especially true since I haven't heard a single DNC operative make similar claims to the ones that I heard more than one RNC operative (not just Tom DeLay, to whom it seems most often attributed) make in 2004 about creating a "permanent majority" for the Republicans (and I'm not the only one who heard that, you can find references to it on other blogs, and in Rolling Stone). If McCain was so opposed to single party control of the executive and legislative branches, why didn't he oppose his own party's flacks when they were publicly stating that their goal was to permanently entrench their control over all three branches? It seems all McCain is opposed to is losing, and all he's in favor of is building himself a bigger legacy. That is not the kind of leader America needs at this crucial time.

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