Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Today's Absurd News

Sarah Palin says she'd be honored to help Obama. Thank you, Governor. You already did.
Palin, McCain (still loyal to his party), and others are already talking about her as the headliner on the Republican ticket in four years. According to CNN, 77% of Republicans polled support this idea. Apparently, given all the polls showing her as a negative during this campaign, she is also anxious to help Obama get re-elected. Again, thank you.

Now, enough with the Palin stories. Who cares? Obama is President now, and his personal story, as well as his upcoming challenges, is much, much bigger news.

As for Obama, given all the problems he has to tackle as President, the media has apparently decided that choosing and naming his kids' dog is what constitutes headline news. It's less than two weeks since election mania, and one of the most momentous occasions in U.S. history, and already the media is back to reporting on nonsense.

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