Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Love Voting

I really enjoy voting. For me, going into a voting booth is a great experience, even if I know I'm going to see some propositions or candidates I support lose (I am cautiously optimistic about Obama, but very unsure about CA Proposition 8 going down in flames like it deserves to). Voting in NY was a little more exciting than in Contra Costa County, not because NY is a big city and CCC is a suburb, but rather because in NY I voted using a big mechanical voting machine where I got to pull on levers and at the end throw a big one to commit my vote. That final "clunk" of the machine was very satisfying. Sticking a paper ballot into a scanner isn't quite as exhilarating, but it is still a great feeling to paste-on that "I Voted" sticker.

I also enjoy campaigning, which I've been doing since I was a kid. I campaigned for Mondale, as I've mentioned before, and even wrote a Reagan parody rap song in opposition to my candidate's opponent (but this was 20 years before YouTube, so nobody ever heard it except some folks in my home town). My contributions to the Obama campaign have been much more reserved -- blogging, talking to people in-person, and financial support. I couldn't top "Obama Girl" (Miss Ettinger) and other early YouTube supporters (who got into the campaigning back when I was still a Hillary Clinton supporter), so I sat this one out in terms of homebrew media. But I still love the electoral process, and encourage everyone to participate in every way they can. Anu, for example, is a Democratic Party Poll Watcher this year (which, of course, means no campaigning at the polling place -- but poll watchers do call party registrants on election day to help get out the vote). Whatever you can do, do it. Get out and participate. Many people fought and died for you to have these rights, so honor them and participate in the political process as vigorously as possible.

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Anuradha said...

We should figure out a way to make the paper ballot scanner produce that ca-CHUNK noise we miss so much.