Friday, October 3, 2008

Hillary Supporters for Palin?

I find it mind boggling that this strategy on the part of the McCain campaign didn't completely fail out of the gate.

And I completely respect the Republican Spin Machine. The way they can take a whole litany of things their candidates do often (shrill derision of half the American people with every speech, sexist comments, slanderous political campaigns, etc.) and spin it around on so quickly, it's rather amazing. They have some really talented spin doctors working for them.

What I want to know is when the hell the mainstream media is going see through the ruse and stop whitewashing Palin and do some real reporting? I am so sick of hearing her compared to Annie Oakley, Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earheart, and the friggin' Virgin Mary, when the real comparison is obvious to me: Pat Buchanan.

It boggles my mind that social conservatives -- the architects who designed the glass ceiling back when liberals were tearing down the concrete one -- are suddenly considered, in the person of Sarah Palin, the targets of sexism. And when the same kind of ad-hominem attacks they vehemently deploy against the Clintons are unleashed on Bush or Palin, they get away with screaming bloody murder. It is genuinely impressive. The Liberal spin machine should take some notes.

Her supporters, including normally Liberal women who've jumped on the "any woman will do" bandwagon, have been claiming the Democrats and the media (meaning, presumably, Katie Couric) are treating her unfairly. Palin is the new Dan Quayle, and her getting Quayled by her opponents is supposedly sexist? Give me a freakin' break.

But she's certainly not getting Quayled by Newsweek, Time, Fox or CNN, so I'm not sure where this belief that she's being unfairly treated is coming from. Is it just that one interview, or did masses of people suddenly all start reading Mother Jones or something? Yeah, I'm sure the likes of Salon and The Hill are pillorying her just like most likely National Review Online and The Drudge Report are probably singing her praises. But the mainstream media seems to have bought Palin hook, line and sinker. Though the Couric interview fallout is starting to erode that goodwill and novelty, most of the articles still seem very "gee whiz" about Palin and her "compelling story."

Just how amazing is her story? She's a working mom? So are Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein. She's got working-class street cred? Joe Biden is from Scranton, PA, a quintessential rust belt mining town. When his dad lost his work, he moved the family to little Claymont, Delaware. She's "folksy?" I find that one the most interesting. Folksy means affable, unpretentious, low-key. Pretense is not restricted to intellectualism.

Palin seems quite pretentious, indeed she seems downright self-righteous about the superiority of her small-town lifestyle and values. Her disdain for the 58% of Americans who live in large towns and cities is palpable. She's an provincialist elitist who rejects and denigrates the values and concerns of 58% of the population.

I'm also incredulous that Conservatives support her. Do they really want such a lightweight in their corner? Furthermore, as Governor, the thing she seems to be most known for is taking on Big Oil (and to give credit where it is due, she does seem to have done some valuable work there). So, Conservatives are willing to abandon their cherished economic policies so long as the candidate makes a good show of being folksy and religious? Where have all the Rockefeller Republicans gone? (The answer is probably the Democratic and Libertarian parties.)

What really amazes me, though, is the self-described Liberal women who support Palin (like the lesbian ex-Maoist former classmate of mine, who now supports Palin despite Palin's paltry platform having nothing whatsoever on offer for her). Palin may be a woman, but on what issues of importance to women is she actually aligned with these kinds of supporters? This amazing turnabout where suddenly an archconservative is the victim of sexism, and "Blue State" women are defending an anti-choice, religious fundamentalist, former beauty queen as a feminist icon is really amazing to me.

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