Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome To The Feral Government

This is the politics outpost of LHOOQtius ov Blog. Here, I do not intend to write bumper stickers, but rather to write, sometimes rant, about ideas and platforms. I don't accept either the Liberal or Conservative platform package whole cloth, though I do, to be sure, lean liberal. My position on Politics is that it is important enough that everyone ought to actually think about and debate issues rather than just being party line parrots. Hopefully my two cents will be of interest to you, and if it is, feel free to add to the discussion.


hatsumi said...

I've never considered the internet to be a particularly nice place to debate things, so I'll probably just read. However, I look forward to reading your stuff and reflecting on it. I love talking about this stuff with real people in real life, so I'm sure things you say will end up in conversations I have with people. :)

I have to tell you what crossed my mind when I read, "the Feral Government." In WoW, I play a feral-spec'd druid and I suddenly had this image of a politician in a stupid suit morphing into a bear and charging a murloc...lol.

LHOOQtius ov Borg said...

Yeah, Internet debates can be pretty nasty and/or stupid. I just like writing about things, I'm not sure I actually expect much "debate" in the comments -- but I could be surprised. We'll see!